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US Coast Guard, Retired

"A career of service to the nation" is commemorated with this coin that has an area on the back suitable for engraving.


Pipe Hitters Union

Started in 2004 as an informal way for all those who live the warrior lifestyle to show their unity. Pipe Hitter is a term used to describe the heavy hitters of the world. PHU roots are in the military/special operations community.


USMC Spouse

Given in Grateful Appreciation to the wives and husbands of our brave Marines. Inscription reads, "For unselfish, faithful, and devoted partnership. Your support, caring and, understanding make possible our contribution to a grateful nation. Semper Fidelis"


Army Brat

Army kids serve too! Why not give them their own Challenge Coin to show your appreciation.


Air Force Chip Holder

Everybody needs a little luck at the poker table. Try our Chip Holder for a lucky charm and a way to keep your cards secured.


Navy Bottle Opener

The perfect companion to our Challenge Coins is the Challenge Bottle Opener. Just in case the folks you're with don't know the rules, they're imprinted on the back. Clip it to your belt or keys, but don't leave home without it.

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Welcome to Challenge Coin Company!

Challenge coins have become the number one collectable for the US military. Almost every unit now has it's own coin. Many officers have their own coins to award when they feel a soldier needs 'on the spot' recognition. And, we are seeing more and more requests for very creative coins that have no official relevance whatsoever!

Since 1995, Challenge Coin Company has been a major supplier of challenge coins to all service branches and their base stores: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. We also make coins for paramilitary organizations like police and fire fighters - and for special events totally unrelated to military service.

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